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Order of angling


You can buy daily passes in the snack-bar. Pass prices and information about the fish that can be taken home:

 12-hour-pass: 3900 HUF. 2 pcs of choice fish, 4 kg other
 youth pass (until 14 years old): 2800 HUF. 1 pc of choice fish, 2 kg other
 24-hour-pass: 5900 HUF. 3 pcs of choice fish, 6 kg other
 48-hour-pass: 9000 HUF. 5 pcs of choice fish, 10 kg other
 Weekly pass: 25000 HUF. 6 pcs of choice fish, 12 kg other

Those, who use special techniques, for example boilies, pelettes, mise on hair-ring, for catching extra large carps, MUST HAVE THE FOLLOWING: FISH-FRIENDLY LANDING MAT, CARTSACK, UNHOOKING MAT, SPRAY!!!

Beyond these things it is very important TO HANDLE THE FISH CAREFULLY!!!

At the same time 2 rods with two hooks on each can be used! The one, who has a youth pass, can use only one rod. A daily pass is for only one angler, so e.g. two anglers are not allowed to use one pass!

Carps over 5 kg are qualified as “protected specimen”, therefore it is strictly prohibited to take them home!

Carp over 7 kg must be thrown back into the water, for which the company gives a free 12-hour-pass to the angler, which can be used within the whole calendar year. In case of a huge catfish, the gift is obviously bigger: 4 12-hour-passes. The lake supervisor has to check the fish and take a photo of it. If you catch a fish like this, please call the snack-bar on +36-34-708-914!

It is obligatory to register any large fish which you want to keep in the chart on the pass. You must not exchange or present the registered fish to anybody! Intensive feeding is prohibited periodically.

No scattering rubbish! This lake is a special nature reserve and an international area of protected birds, therefore we ask you to protect it, too!

From 3 p.m., Friday to 8 a.m., Monday all work which might disturb anglers or visitors on holiday is strictly prohibited!

After finishing angling, you must give back your pass and show your catch!

Parking is permitted only in the official car park!

The violation of any rules entails the throwing back of the fish, the withdrawal of the pass and expulsion from the lake!

The single piers, the row of piers beginning at the snack-bar and the boats can be used by anyone, at their own risk. The piers with a board “STOP LEZÁRT” (meaning STOP, CLOSED) on them can be used exclusively with the owner’s permission and keys. It is forbidden to climb, stay and fish on them!

Wooden houses are to let, information: (mobile): +36-70-616-7452.

We wish all of our guests successful angling, and have a pleasant holiday with us!