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History of the lake


Originally, this place was a biological drainage-basin built by the Tatabánya coal-mines 45 years ago for the protection of ‘Öreg – Lake’. The leadership of the mines first considered letting ‘Által – Creek’ bring its sediment down into the area. A dam, now called “High Shore” was built and the whole area was flooded. At that time not many people should have thought that this pond would provide so many adventures and interesting experiences for anglers in the future, because this was not the intent. Fortunately, the lake was created without cutting down any trees, therefore all the natural hiding-places much liked by fish had been preserved. In the beginning the tops of many trees stuck out of the water thus causing a lot of hardship for anglers. On the other hand, due to the large number of hiding-places, the lake bed allowed fish grow to extremely large and survive there for a long time. However, those trees had gradually rotted and finally have fallen into the water.

The present bed also has lots of natural hiding-places, in which fishing-hooks may easily get stuck. In the 80s carp over 20 kilogrammes, catfish over 40 kg and a lot of pike-perch were caught in Derítő-Lake. Nowadays, this pond is mainly used for fishing, because the mines have been closed and there is no need to filter any floating sediment.

When “boilie” style was almost absolutely unknown in Hungary, here one could already catch huge carp. At that time this kind of fish was not yet protected, therefore anyone could take it home. Five years ago the law began qualifying specimen over 7 kilogrammes as “protected specimen”. After registering them, they are thrown back into the water, but the lucky angler is presented with a free 12-hour-pass for the catch. This is how we motivate anglers to let the “protected specimen of fish” survive. On the other hand, let us inform you that in the meantime ‘boilie’ style has rapidly become the most common style of fishing in the country so now there are several fishing-ponds being stocked with very large carp in order to meet anglers’ demands. The competition among fishing-ponds has become stronger and stronger, and it is difficult to find new carp for breeding stock. In 2005 we managed to buy 278 new carp, mostly over 10 kilogrammes, and 32 of them weighed over 20 kg! Since the beginning of 2007 catfish over 30 kilo have also been qualified as “protected”. Due to our intensive work, a wide variety of fish, both predators and non-predators, can be found in our pond.

In the last few years our lake has been rapidly developed, so now it is an anglers’ paradise where almost every demand is met and an active holiday may be spent. However, not only guests interested in fishing enjoy their stay here. More and more visitors choose us because of the excellent opportunity to relax and to be renewed within the natural setting. Lately, even lakeside houses with several rooms and all modern conveniences can be rented. Camping is free throughout the entire place.

We welcome all anglers and visitors for a holiday!